Modi, BJP deceived people and neglected interests of TN People – Dayanidhi Maran

Modi, BJP deceived people and neglected interests of TN People – Dayanidhi Maran

Madurai: Chennai Central MP Dayanidhi Maran asserted on Saturday that neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor the BJP pay attention to the concerns of the people of Tamil Nadu. For the past decade, both have only deceived the public, he said.

Addressing a public meeting organized by the DMK at Arapalayam in Madurai, Maran stated, “During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was chief minister M K Stalin who stood on the frontlines and ensured minimal impact on the state, while other states were struggling.Modi only asked people to ring bells and bang utensils. When Chennai and south Tamil Nadu districts were affected by floods, the BJP government ignored Tamil people and did not come forward to offer assistance.”

Maran further emphasized that the BJP prioritizes people from Hindi-speaking states, constituting the party’s vote bank. “When the PM comes to Tamil Nadu, he pretends by reciting a few lines of Thirukkural and says that he greatly admires Tamil, but the reality is he reads the Tamil words written in Hindi off a teleprompter. While around 1,500 crore is allotted by the Centre per year for Sanskrit which is not even spoken much, only a mere 28 crore is allotted for developing Tamil which is spoken by even people in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka,” he said.

Maran also criticized the unplanned demonetization, attributing it to the loss of lives, and accused the Modi government of turning a blind eye to the sufferings of common people, while black money was not effectively eradicated. He rejected the BJP’s divisive politics, specifically its attempts to impose Hindi, noting the lack of job opportunities and growth in Hindi-speaking states. Maran criticized the high fuel prices, contrasting it with the profits made by business magnates.

Addressing future concerns, Maran expressed apprehension that the delimitation of territorial constituencies based on population would disadvantage Tamil Nadu, benefiting the Hindi belt. He asserted that Tamil Nadu’s only fault was having population control. “BJP cares for only their vote bank and only wants common people to be slaves. Through delimitation, Tamil Nadu’s voice will be further strangled in the parliament as Hindi-speaking states will have even more share of seats. Hence, it is important to overthrow the BJP in the general election.”

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