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Dayanidhi Maran is educated in Chennai. He finished his schooling in Don Bosco Matriculation School and Bachelor Degree in Economics from Loyola Colleges. He has also completed Management Programme from Harvard University
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Work as Central Minister

Dayanithi Maran is one of the most effective Member of Parliament when he served in the UPA government. It is noted that he had delivered results which were considered impossible at that point of time, making the nation taking a leap in both the Information Technology sector and Textiles Sector. His notable achievement was to ensure there were more than 250 million telephone connections in 2004 against the target of 4 million connections. He also brought in the revolutionary “One Rupee; One India” plan which blurred the state boundaries with regard to the connectivity.

  • Brought electronic giants Dell Computers, Flextronics, Foxconn, Sanmina-SCI, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung to India, and established industry in Chennai, generating employment for thousands of youth
  • Instrumental in bringing down prices of cellphones and personal computers
  • Obtained Rs 16,000 crore Metro Rail Project to Chennai
  • Helped Chennai get a 1000 crore water desalination plant
  • Created Integrated Skill Development Scheme for Textile and Apparel Sector and Jute & Handicrafts centre at Egmore, to provide training and employment for the downtrodden
  • Led the Indian Telecom Sector revolution responsible for India’s growth a s a global superpower and economic growth. Created proactive and positive directions from the Government of India to drive the telecom industry a ta growth rate of over 40%, creating markets, jobs and opportunities for crores of Indians.

  • Launched the “One india” scheme by BSNL and MTNL , enabling calls across the country at a rate of 1 ₹ per minute and making long distance calls easy and affordable for the common man.

  • Instrumental in increasing the tele-density and bridging the infrastructural gaps that were holding the Indian Telecom Industry behind global standards

    Raised mobile sector from 10 million subscribers in 2002 to 150 million by 2007.

  • Helped bring over $650 million of investment into the Telecom Sector.

    Bolstered the Indian Telephone Industries with a Rs 1000 crore revival plan.

    Helped bring global telecom manufactures and research to Tamil Nadu like Flextronics, LG, Nokia, Foxconn etc.

    Brought billions of dollars in investment and jobs into India by bringing Miscrosoft, CISCO, Intel and AMD into the country

  • Initiated transition to IPV6 and National Roadmap with awareness building programmes, research and development, test bed projects.

  • Promoted the DIT (Department of information technology) and National Internet Exchange of India(NIXI)  to set up state-of-the  art hardware and software to relaunch the .IN Registry, a strong advocate of asserting the “.in” identity on the global tech map.

  • Played a key role in alleviating  the slowdown of the global recession on the textile industries.

    Drafted the 100 days agenda to maximise the productivity and welfare of common stakeholders in textile industry.  Deepened the coverage of Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme(TUFS), Expanded Scheme of Integrated Textile Parks (SITP) and constituted work groups for national fibre policy.

  • Created a platform for E-Marketting of handloom and handicrafts.

    Accelerated the revival and modernisation of National Textile Corporation(NTC) Mills.

    Upgraded Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel institute of textile management into an Indian School of textile management and business. This provided for more quality human resource in the form of research, industrial engineers, product development managers and trainers.

  • Expanded the coverage of health insurance scheme for weavers and artisans.

    Imparted momentum to artisians credit card scheme.

    The ministry promoted research and development in all segment of the industry including handlooms and handicrafts and created a common technology platform on commercial basis to support adaptation of newer technology for value addition and product diversification.

  • Promoted mega show in Japan (International fashion fair) to showcase products of 44 textiles exporters with focus on synthetic and cotton fabric. The ministry booked 50 booths for the international fashion fair and the ministry provided over 3 crores for our exporters to participate in the fair

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